Original Mixed Media Artwork

This bas-relief art work shows a mythical Hollywood hills landscape that is an homage to the iconic Hollywood sign, L.A.’s green tech heritage, the politics of exclusion and diversity, and the entertainment capital.

Artwork Details

Dimensions are approximate in Inches
W x H (x D)
80 x 30 x 6

Framing: Walnut Frame
Materials: Acrylic, Gold Leaf, LEDs, Photography, Wood
Medium: Mixed Media
Type: Original Art
Series: Hollywoodland

To the original 1923 Hollywoodland sign, credited to my great grandfather to promote his real estate development in the hills, with its perimeter lights and a white dot that signified a white community free from communism, crime and corruption, I have created a contemporary homage, adding touches such as gold-leaf letters, windmills, exaggerated sunset skies, palm trees and graffiti. The artwork has a sophisticated series of programmed lights and motors: the HOLLYWOOD sign has 6” high letters embossed with gold leaf with lights on the perimeter that turn on/off and change colors in a variety of sequences; a light illuminates the white dot that has been tagged with "Black Lives Matter”; on the hill next to the sign are five wind turbines that spin intermittently; and behind the hill is a sky that cycles through the colors of dawn, day, sunset and night, lit up with colored LED lights. Mixed media: Programmed LEDs, acrylic sign with gold leaf, plastic windmills with motors, painted paper over aluminum screen.

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 Large  Framed  $45.00
 Extra Large  Framed  $65.00
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