5 Oceans - 5 Senses


Original Mixed Media Artwork

The movements, colors, smells, sounds, and tastes of the earth's oceans are infinitely captivating. I have paired photographs of waves from each of the world's five oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Antarctic) with evocative phrases of the five human senses. 

Artwork Details

Dimensions are approximate in Inches
W x H (x D)
22 x 32.5 x 4

Framing: Plexiglass
Materials: An acrylic box with injet prints, etched words of the 5 oceans and the 5 senses, backlit by motion-controlled LED strip lights.
Medium: Mixed Media
Type: Original Art
Series: 5 Oceans - 5 Senses

The inkjet-on-acrylic artwork is partitioned into five backlit spaces with separate programmed moving LED lights to replicate the movement of waves, and to illuminate intermittently the ocean names and descriptive words of the senses that describe them. Edition of 3 plus 1 AP.

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 Large  Framed  $45.00
 Extra Large  Framed  $65.00
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