Fade To Memory


Original Mixed Media Artwork

This work explores the intersection of fine art and cinema, two major themes throughout the artist's life. It is a memorial to the era of celluloid film and the artist’s previous career as a Hollywood movie producer and executive where 35mm film was his principal medium.

Artwork Details

Dimensions are approximate in Inches
W x H (x D)
48 x 60 x 6

Framing: Walnut Frame
Materials: Framed walnut box, 35mm film in two separate loops, sprockets, rollers, film reels.
Medium: Mixed Media
Type: Original Art
Series: Fade Out Memory

As the digital revolution has decimated the use and sale of film stock and equipment in both still photography and motion pictures, this work laments the end of the celluloid era. For the three or four generations of film makers who have hand cut film, pulled shots from trim bins, spliced together film pieces and run sequences through optical viewers, the touch and feel of film stock carried with it a sensuous experience that computer editing can never replicate.

A crank on the side of the walnut box beckons the user. Once turned, ten strips of vertical side-by-side 35 mm film leader begin moving up and down, revealing hand-drawn and stamped words and symbols that relate to the craft and themes of celluloid filmmaking. Separately, another loop of processed film with the artist’s former film company’s logo, Dream City Films, rotates in between two film reels. Behind them are a variety of graphics relating to film editing and processing.

Ironically, the 35mm sprocketed film rollers that were purchased for use in this work to transport the loops of film leader were said to be the last batch sold by the last remaining supplier.

3 unique versions plus 1 AP

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