Original Art Inspired by Southern California

Hollywood-fuelled iconic imagery inescapably linked to feelings of freedom and dreams.

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Featured at the Petersen Museum

Two of my aerial freeway paintings are currently on view in L.A.'s museum. This iconic series is joined by art from Warhol, Hockney, Rucha and more.

Original Art Series

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Limited Edition Prints Series

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I Call in the Ocean Voices
Lenticular Prints

This series of lenticular prints combines text and moving images of ocean waves.

Each artwork displays multiple images as you move beside it, creating an effect of the moving ocean with words that come in and out of the waves.

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About Harry Chandler

From his studios in DTLA and the Channel Islands Harbor in Ventura, Chandler explores the themes of Southern California icons, working primarily in mixed media: photography, acrylics, and electronics.

His art training started at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA, then continued at Stanford University, and at UCLA Graduate School of Film and Television.

He is a founding contributor to Los Angeles MOCA, a former member of the Getty Museum Photo Council and LACMA LENS. He has had three solo museum shows.

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Dream City Podcast

Coming this Fall, Chandlers' debut podcast will shine light on a cast of historical characters from Southern California.

From immigrants to billionaires, unknowns to the world-famous, surfers to moviemakers, quacks to rocket scientists - Dreamers are attracted to Harry Chandler's Dream City.


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